8UP Music by Eric May

About the Recording

I have produced the music and comedy in Rural Northeast Missouri and make my own original art covers for both!

If interested in having me provide the service of coming up with original artwork for your music and comedy cd covers I have done many of my own and will do it at an affordable price! I take all ideas and create an eye catching art that others simple don’t do that will appeal to your up coming fans! I can help lead them to your wonderful sounds by grabbing their attention when others that get passed by having the same old look on their cd cover!

These recordings are now available through streaming services through the Eric is Consistently 8UP!

8UP-I Feel The Vibe Of This
I wrote this song a few days after a good friend of mine passed away! I am looking forward for others to enjoy and for it to be marketed for a film score or perhaps for a tv show. I have sent this to a few talent agencies they are always welcome to contact me to get this song out more for others to feel the vibe of this!
This was a song written to a great friend which I will always love! This song is all about given another great pleasure! A song I would love to have music management work with me on!
8UP-Reds Running In
This is an instrumental I wrote many years ago that could be background music for a commercial or perhaps for a movie!
8UP-I’m Going To F_cking Succeed
This is a hip hop type song written and recorded several years ago by Eric May!
8UP-Juice Box
This is a ass shacking type techno song I wrote several years ago that would be good for a the background of a movie!
8UP-Full Belly Instrumental
This is an original Instrumental song I wrote years ago for background of a commercial or movie!

Please Check Out My 46 Comedy Cd’s!

I have been making comedy cd’s for a while covering odd events and subject matter that most people are to affraid to joke about! I do many different voices to add extra fun why be bored why not take a chance on original ideas original jokes,statements and just a way to escape the day with some old school hardcore fun! I have worked with audio for many years,I dj and worked in radio in the past and figured I have traveled enough that I have met just about every type of person on the planet every race why not poke fun at my own life and the lives of others! I am only joking on this material I have learned in life that too many people are too serious to much of the time these arent racist only poking fun at everyone in the world including myself! Enjoy with an open mind I try to give as much as I can each cd attempting to give more than others time wise per cd and give you the most laughs in a comedy cd! I am ready to get this out to the world talent agencys, promoters and comedy clubs book me I am ready to make others laugh! Enjoy buying these cd’s they will bring out some deep laughs to relief some stress and provide a good time!