Eric is 8UP CD Comedy Series- Audio Skits Page 2

The Fridge Scale
Just Fabreezzze Yourself
Prolapse 2000
Hey Henry What Was On That Pizza
Henry walks Sherman threw a situation!
Cop Confessions
Finally we find out what they have really been up too!
King Bill
Bill steps in to be King this is off my last comedy cd enjoy!
Don’t we all like Boobs!
Things You Don’t Say To Your Boss
I have probably said even more than this to my many so called bosses lol!
Things You Don’t Say To Your Boss # 2
I have had many so called bosses for a reason I guest lol!
Rotten Kids Got You Down
Drastic measures only comedy so lighten up.
Recycled Scratch-Off Tickets
It’s all about the gambling eh!
Them Peppers Are So Hot
I like them Hot Peppers
Crazy Bitch Out Of Smokes Syndrome
Tater Sack Tattoo
Yum Jelly
The Nerd Channel
Predator Island
Predator Island # 2
Redneck Rifle Rehab