Eric is 8UP- CD Comedy Series Audio Skits

46 Comedy Cd’s Finished!

I have been making comedy cd’s for a while covering odd events and subject matter that most people are to afraid to joke about! I do many different voices to add extra fun why be bored why not take a chance on original ideas original jokes, statements and just a way to escape the day with some old school hardcore fun! I have worked with audio for many years, I DJ’d and worked in radio in the past and figured I have traveled enough that I have met just about every type of person on the planet every race why not poke fun at my own life and the lives of others! I am only joking on this material I have learned in life that too many people are too serious to much of the time these arent racist only poking fun at everyone in the world including myself! Enjoy with an open mind I try to give as much as I can each cd attempting to give more than others time wise per cd and give you the most laughs in a comedy cd! I am ready to get this out to the world talent agencies, promoters and comedy clubs book me I am ready to make others laugh! Enjoy buying these cd’s they will bring out some deep laughs to relief some stress and provide a good time!

This Skit Appaloosa’s is one of 60 skits on the comedy cd by Eric May. Eric Is Beyond 8UP shows how many subjects in comedy have never been discussed! Crude, Strong language is used please be over 18 to listen to any of my comedy! Understand I make fun of everyone equally! I might say that I make fun of myself the most of all lol!
Get Your Hot Peppers
his cd will crack you up! It is my 34 comedy cd that covers just how one should laugh and lighten up life is way to short so laugh and smile!
Get Your Hot Peppers # 2
Enjoy laughter old school style From Eric May 43 years of observing others!
New Sobriety Tests
Eric May hits into new comedy territory on this 16th comedy cd!
Haggler’s Dog Training Classes
We all have dog stories this one will get your attention!
Top Things You Don’t Say At A Funeral
I do suggest you don’t say this at a funeral .This is Eric May’s 39th full comedy cd many many skits on this cd!.
Rimco Ass Hammer
39th comedy cd has so many skits you will be amazed!
Drill Sergeant Tim Haggler
The 31st comedy cd!!!.
Spider Cum Syndrome
A special channel for special people!
Ass Twitter
The new Twitter lol!
Who Would Win The Cage Match
So many Cage Matches so little time!
Men’s Whorehouse
Your gonna like the Men’s Whorehouse I gaurenty it! This Eric May’s 23rd cd! Enjoy Eric Is Contagiously 8UP
Cemetery Scrappers
Tuff times! Many laugh filled skits on Eric’s 15th comedy cd!
Ankle Bracelet Fashions
Don’t let the man bring you down!.
Party Time Travelers!
Henry and Sherman combine forces and party threw time!
Party Time Travelers # 2
Their is always time to party!
Devils Chronicles-Asking doctor for advice
Even the devil looks to others for advice lol!
Intro to the cd first skit ever!
This is my first audio comedy skit I ever made off of my comedy cd Eric Is 8UP!
Nasty Porn Titles
Perhaps my future jobby job in life will be naming porn titles!

About the Recording!

Deep in the woods of North East Missouri you have time to view life from a different point of view and I’m recording it! I have Traveled threw out the USA for Over 30 years of living in many many different states a mix of city life, small town life and country life with some added flavor and have been summing up many things in my later years of what I experienced recording my adventures!