Eric Is 8UP CD Comedy Series-Audio Skits Page 3

Broke Back Deer Lodge
Sometimes the privacy room is better than the hunt!
Bust-A-Movement Records
Disco can help with relief lol!
Trash Talk Helper
This can help you speak your mind!
Bad Attitude Down Under
Old timer down under!
Anal Gout
It is spreading!
Too Deep Under Cover
Fuck me!
Gay Chew
Good down to the last swallow!!!
Penitentiary History
Deep History
Law Firm Of Blow Hard, Sucky And Spit...
Help with Law issues!
Peterbilt Power Douche Washer
Fictitious Insider
Under The Table Loan Company
Trailer Whore Green Energy Systems
See It Twice Rice
The T-Bag Guard
Broken Asshole Rehab
Yellow Stream Barely Pops
Jmmy is going to tag the crocodile this time
My 2nd comedy cd ever!
Rednecks Capture a Terrorist
Make love during war!

About the Recording

When you are stuck in the middle of the mid-west in North East Missouri you have time to think and be creative! Enjoy my comedy work check me out on YouTube- 8upEric, 8upEric at Twitter, 8upEric on Facebook and 8upenterprises on Soundcloud! My comedy cd Eric Is Always 8up is available to buy digital downloads on I-Tunes and Cd Baby. Thanks for your on going support!!!!

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