Eric May aka 8UP Eric Comedy Videos

Don’t Be A Dick-PSA
Stand up! I need a damn jobby-job!
Having Satan talk threw me —It’s comedy man lighten up!!!!
This is how old people always acted to me on how tuff it was back in the day!!
I’m a deer hunter-The extremes that some folk go threw to get a big buck!
Stand Up –Amish
Henry Talks about the bands that didn’t make it to the big time!
Are you suffering from Ass Rickets!!
High C’s New Game!
Get on your dance shoes for the song by 8UP-Two Ton Tessa!
Sponsor a Redneck Child!
My Top Ten New Years Resolutions!
I love my 3-d glasses it is time to wear them forever!
Stand Up- Moment Of Truth Redneck Style!
Satan Son Speaks Out!
The New Bail Out Idea it will help us all out!!!

Eric May filmed these videos in Missouri!

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